The foundation of every successful business should be a rock-solid team.

Be it a product startup or a well-established business, all it needs is a group of talented developers who deliver their efforts best and let you stay ahead of the competition. Having skilled resources on your side is like having the right ammunition in a war. It will help you maximize the odds of hitting the targets, and winning the battle.

But it’s never easy to build a dedicated remote team, considering you have to hire a fully remote team. However, with the popularity that this approach has gained, a large number of companies in the UK are now choosing a dedicated development team over building an in-house team.

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The question now arises, how to build a dedicated remote team?

When building a dedicated remote team, it is crucial that you take the right steps for effective development. Once you have decided to hire a remote dedicated team or an extended team, here are some things to keep in mind before building. 

  • Hiring The Right Candidate

The most essential tip to building a dedicated remote team is to hire the right talent or find the right agency. The people working for you will build your company’s image. So, it’s imperative you invest in hiring the right talent. Make sure you have conducted thorough research before you hire remote teams. Be a part of the recruitment process and interview the members individually before building your team.

  •  Be Clear About The Roles

Clarity is important for any task. And when you are working with remote teams, clarifying everything at the onset is crucial. You need to be clear about the roles and expectations you have with each team member. They should be conveyed upfront about any specific project needs, limitations of the project, tech requirement, etc. so that neither they nor you have any unfulfilled expectations. 


  • Maintain Single Point Of Contact

Miscommunication, unsaid assumptions, and missed messages could be the biggest reasons why so many outsourcing projects fail. However, by maintaining a single point of contact will enable you to eliminate this drawback. This means you have a single person, be it the SCRUM master or the project manager with whom you share your project requirements. They handle the team and get everything done for your project.  

  • Set Clear Communication Channels

The next important step is to set clear communication channels. Communication is deemed as the biggest challenge in working with remote teams. However, with the right communication and remote working tools, one can be sure to avoid any type of miscommunication. Basecamp, Jira, Slack, Zoom calls are a few channels to use for project management, collaboration, general communication, etc.

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  • Continue Collaboration

Many companies make the mistake of not collaborating with the dedicated team once they have handed out the requirements. Even if you seek zero involvement in the development phase, make sure to monitor the signs of progress at the end of each sprint. Sync-up with your team and make yourself available for them in case they have any issues. Treat them like an in-house team when it comes to collaboration. 

  • Have A Thorough Screening Process

Many companies tend to go lenient when hiring remote teams. They do not take as much effort in screening the candidates as they would for in-house hiring. However, this can be a major mistake. It is essential that you have a thorough screening process while hiring. Make sure to go through their technical expertise and knowledge before the hiring process.  You can even get a small test project for the team to work on before handling the bigger project. 

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  • Qualities To Look For In Your Team Members

Choosing a dedicated web development team is all about the people that you hire in it. A team is always made of its team players and you need to ensure that the team you build has the qualities you will look for in your in-house team as well. Apart from the technical expertise and knowledge on resume, here are some qualities you should look for:

Team Players: This is an essential quality as every person in the dedicated remote team should be a team player and take any project as a project of the team. They should know how to work as a team to solve any problem faced by anyone. 

Skillset: The remote team should have all the required technical skills that would make them fit for the development project. 

Communication: When working with dedicated teams in an offshore location, communication could be a challenge. Make sure that the people you hire are easy to communicate with to complete your development project on time.


Advantages Of Hiring A Dedicated Remote Teams

Among the many benefits of collaborating with a dedicated remote team, here we discuss a few: 

  • Instantly Tap into a Pool of Highly Skilled On-Demand Talent

Whether you require fast expertise or you’re seeking to build a long-term, a dedicated remote team can help get your project off the ground quickly and cost-effectively. With it, talent acquisition is more focused on expertise and specialization in finding the right fit for the business.

Moreover, having talented remote workers from different time zones can mean extended business hours depending on what is agreed upon. Therefore, work is done quickly and efficiently.

  • Scale Your Business Quickly

The survival of your business is hinged on your ability to scale quickly and efficiently. Hiring remote teams helps you do just that while reducing overheads and onboarding time. A team of dedicated remote professionals enables you to  expand your development team quickly, giving you access to senior-level engineers, architects, and project managers with a wealth of experience in development and enterprise experience alike.

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  • Kickstart A Large Project

Ambitious projects require an equally ambitious team of developers, but sometimes it’s difficult to find all the skills you need in-house. Hiring on-demand remote developers help you get started quickly while keeping your project on track and within budget.

Being experts in their field, remote developers help you plan, execute, and deliver even the most complex projects. You can get instant access to a large pool of highly skilled talents who are ready to hit the ground running. 

  • Monitor & Track Your Progress In Real-time

When you partner with a team of remote developers, you never have to worry about losing control of your project. Remote teams understand your requirements, and maintain transparency and visibility over every aspect of their actions. It is easy to monitor the progress of your dedicated remote team in real-time.

  • Easily Meet Tight Guidelines

In today’s competitive market, expectations are high and deadlines are tight. With a team of dedicated remote professionals you can deliver high-quality results within short timeframes with no sacrifice in quality. A dedicated team works closely with  you to develop a project timeline that is both efficient and realistic.

  • Managing A Remote Team Without Stress

Managing a dedicated remote team is quick and stress-free. As the recruitment process is designed to take the stress out of working with a remote team. A web development company can handle all the grunt work, allocating, finding and onboarding the right talent  for your project while you focus on your core business.


How Can A Dedicated Remote Team Help You Save Costs?

Hiring a dedicated remote team is more rewarding than in-house team today, as well as it saves your time and money in the long run. Check out some of the deciding factors before making any decision.

  • Office Rent & Other Overhead Costs

While hiring in-house developers, you must consider the costs of office space renting as well as other utilities such as cooling, heating, electricity, and gas. Furthermore, your employees also need  tools and equipment which will raise your expenses even more. According to Standout TV, organizations can save a total of £44.78 per week in the UK hiring a dedicated remote team.

  • Cut Additional Hiring Costs

Your project may necessitate a wide range of skills and expertise that your in-house development resources may lack. Hiring in-house resources for that specific project may not be cost-effective or even prudent in such a case. Also, hiring full-time personnel is usually a tedious and time-consuming process.

Whereas hiring a dedicated remote team can help you get experts as per your requirements. These engineers have diverse expertise and skill sets enabling you to complete your project on time and cost effectively.

  • Technological Proficiency

Top-tier technical expertise and experience are required for the development of customized and complex software solutions. Working with inexperienced in-house resources might not give you desired results, ultimately increasing costs due to repeated unproductive efforts. This ultimately leads to the remote hiring of cherry-picked software specialists with the required skills and experience.

  • No Cost For Training

The development industry is constantly changing in which you must keep your developer's up to date on the latest technological trends. Training your in-house developers for the latest technologies and tools can have a significant impact on your budget. While a dedicated team helps you save cost on hiring and training.

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  • Hiring Cost Of Dedicated Remote Developers

Usually, the biggest cost factor in the equation is the salary of a developer. According to Glassdoor, the London-based developer costs around £22,000 a month including his salary and other expenses. Compare that to the cost of a dedicated remote developer is £3,115.2 per month.

Add these savings to all the ones mentioned in the points above, and you are looking at a considerable reduction in the cost of your development project. Now you can very well understand why businesses in the UK prefer to hire a dedicated remote team instead of an in-house development team; the former is clearly a cost-efficient alternative.

Where To Find A Dedicated Remote Team?

When it comes to building a dedicated remote team, the first thing that most companies concern with is the place where they can find the remote team. Many think about setting up an in-house team through their HR staff or even getting a complete team of developers, project managers, designers, and others from freelance sites. However, there are different platforms from which you can spot the right talent. 

  • Offshore Web Development Companies

When building a dedicated remote team in the UK, the easiest and time-savvy way is to join hands with an offshore web development company. There are several directories like Clutch, GoodFirms, TheManifest, etc., where you can look for such companies. Apart from that, you can google ‘top web development companies in the UK to find a list. Such companies have complete development andIT teams to take care of all your development needs. You can hire developers or build a team from scratch or as an extension of your in-house. 

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  • Freelance Platforms

There are several freelance platforms where one can go ahead and hire remote talents to build their own dedicated team. However, this could be time-consuming. When you consult an offshore company for your dedicated team requirement, you get handpicked talents from them. 

However on freelance platforms, you need to look for each member  of the team separately, which increases the time spent as well as the costs of hiring. But if you are looking for some technical support or one or two tech talent, you can always go to the freelance job portals like Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, etc., to find talents. 

Build Your Dedicated Remote Team Today

Building a dedicated remote team is a decision that can help any company cut costs as well as time while getting better quality codes. You hire a dedicated remote team of experts who are carefully vetted and screened to ensure they have the skills and experience needed to deliver high-quality results.

At Classic Informatics, we make it easy to assemble a remote team of top-tier developers without stress.  You can share your requirements or the web idea with us and we can share the candidates best fit for it. We even empower your dedicated remote team with the best tools and resources to enable them to start adding value from day one.

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