Cloud has become a hot topic amongst all the businesses all over the world. Many businesses today are migrating their operations to the cloud and many have started considering doing that eventually. Why would anybody want to migrate to the cloud? The answer is simple! It offers flexibility, mobility and does not go heavy on your budget. But migrating to a cloud setup is not as simple as considering all the advantages it will have for your business. It is rather a very tedious and an intimidating task. There is always this constant fear of ultimately doing it wrong. But don’t feel overwhelmed by these thoughts. Think how great it will be for your business if you get it right. Think about the tremendous value it will add to your business. Can you see it? It is worth it! Take the leap!

Before you take the leap, you need to be sure why you are doing it. Do you need to change the architecture of your application, or you need to upgrade your application, or you feel it is finally time to implement the hybrid networks in your firm. This will solve half of your problem. The rest of it will be solved if you have the right tools, the right information and the right team on your side.

Let’s look at all these points in details since they are what you should need to know about as somebody contemplating the decision of moving to the clouds:

#1. Know your tools right. If you do know them then there’s no stopping from a smooth cloud migration. One of our personal favourites is the Setup Assistant. It helps you gather all the information you need about the configuration of your environment and helps you in finding the best deployment path.

#2. Next thing you need to be absolutely clear about the requirements and the specific needs you want to address with your cloud migration. If you are clear about this then you can choose which cloud technology to use and what will come with it – the good and the limits, all of it. Each solution has some different to offer, so you need to find which one caters to your specific needs.

#3. Make one thing clear in your mind that not all migrations are the same. Do a research and look for customer testimonials on the different cloud service providers. Find out which company is good at which type of cloud migration. Some service providers may be good at hybrid; some may take a lot time to migrate all your operations; and there may be some who can do it quickly. Whichever service provider you hire just be careful while choosing.

#4. Once you are done with the above mentioned pointers, all you are left with is migration. Which is not easy and chances are you are going to need help for that. Migration needs a lot of skills, that too of diverse nature, to do. There are many companies who offer a full team of professionals who can do the task for you. You just need to find the right partner.

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Tanya Kumari

Written by Tanya Kumari

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