According to an article published in the Daily Mail, 82% of the Internet users in the UK shop online regularly. The Centre for Retail Search released some statistics stating that online sales in the UK account for 10.7% of the total retail sales. These statistics may talk about the UK market alone but the truth is that the eCommerce story has grown leaps and bounds not just in the United Kingdom, but globally. Many people who use to buy offline have now moved on to online shops.

As a web development agency into the trade of developing bespoke eCommerce solutions we have come across many clients who have their concerns about this whole thing of getting an eCommerce solution developed for their business. While there are many small business entrepreneurs who have become successful after setting up an online store, there are many who fall prey to the myths revolving around selling things online.

This blog post aims to debunk all those myths that have been stopping you from taking the big step.

  • Myth 1: My product is not suited for selling online
    Until and unless what you want to sell online is illegal, you can sell it online. Anything from diamonds to vegetables can be sold online as long as it covers all the costs of selling online.
  • Myth 2: My business is not registered. So, I cannot sell online.
    Thanks to platforms like PayUPiasa, the payment gateway services are now accessible to even businesses that are not registered. So, that shouldn’t stop you now!
  • Myth 3: I need a thousand awesome features to make my online store attractive to the customers.
    There are many online stores that are doing a 7-8 figure business every month from a site with minimum features. All that matters is the product that you are selling and how user-friendly your eCommerce website is.
  • Myth 4: Logistics can be a real pain to handle.
    More and more Logistics companies are opening up to eCommerce. Also, there are many eCommerce platforms that offer great logistics support at highly discounted prices. So, logistics will not be a real pain to handle.
  • Myth 5: Acquiring customers is pretty expensive.
    There are many cost effective ways to acquire customers today. You can start by digitizing your offline customer database, start selling on various online marketplaces and promote via social media, sending newsletters and writing blogs.

See, it’s that simple!

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Tanya Kumari

Written by Tanya Kumari

Tanya leads the Digital Marketing Team at Classic Informatics, a leading web development company . She is an avid reader, music lover and a technology enthusiast who likes to be up to date with all the latest advancements happening in the techno world. When she is not working on her latest article on agile team dynamics, you can find her by the coffee machine, briefing co-workers on the perks of living a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve it.