In 2018, the software outsourcing industry has earned around $62 billion and became the giant business worldwide. Big brands like Alibaba, Whatsapp, and Slack have leveraged the benefits of outsourcing development initially to reach the zenith of success.

Software outsourcing has the potential to enhance business efficiency and growth. It reduces development time and cost if it is done in the right direction and too with the reliable outsourcing provider.

To resist in this competitive world, startups are turning towards software outsourcing development to get immediate growth and success.

Due to the tremendous growth in technologies and innovations, software outsourcing development is highly in demand.

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Common pitfalls in outsourcing software development:

  1. Improper communication

Proper and fluent communication is the prime aspect when working with remote developers. Some companies loose projects due to improper communication between teams. To overcome this critical issue, you need to synchronise between different time zones, languages, and cultural conventions.

Establishing and maintaining regular channels of communication with the offshore teams is considered vital when it comes to software success.

  1. Ignoring Market trends

One of the best practise that can make your business successful is keeping yourself well up-to-date about the latest technologies dominating the market. This will help the developers to face critical challenges arise during software development.

Ignoring the latest tech trends signifies you are not using the latest solutions while making software products. If an outsourced company pays no attention to the latest market trends, then it will definitely lead to the origin of critical problems.

  1. Fail to understand requirements and scope

Some startup owners outsource their software development projects without knowing any details about its requirements, technical specifications and scope.

It is an obvious thing that if you don’t have a clear idea about the type of software you are planning to develop then, in that case, it is difficult for the outsourced company to evaluate whether they the development is going in the right direction or not.

The solution to overcome with this problem is that during outsourcing software development, both the parties should agree on what would be the final product to be delivered and how has to be delivered along with the timeframe. This quality is a good sign of an experienced IT outsourcing partner.

Lack of communication about software requirements will create misunderstandings between the two parties. So, it’s better to discuss the milestones and the chain of approvals prior to the collaboration.

  1. Unreasonable timeline

To develop a software product in an effective way needs a flexible timeline to encounter bugs and other development solutions. If startup owners do not set the proper timeframe for the software development process with its outsourced partner, then it is quite difficult to achieve positive results.

Timeline in software development should not be compromised as it badly affects the quality of the software developed that too by skilled developers. Instead, work with developers on a flexible time frame that provides them relaxation in working software development cycle.

  1. Underestimating the project cost

It is quite a common practise when outsourcing that many companies pick the less costly options available when comes to outsourcing software development. But, is it really worthy?

How can you get the best software and hire highly skilled developers at a less cost? The outsourcing companies should understand that lower rates don’t give you the required results.

If you want to hire a certain level of expertise to build a top-notch product, then have to keep your cost constraint aside.

It’s all up to you to balance the quality of work with the cost, instead of just looking at the cost of development.

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Wrapping Up

With the increasing popularity of outsourcing every single day, it is going to conquer the entire software development industry in the coming years. To transform your startup business into a dominating market brand, then try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes.

For startups outsourcing software development is a smart move to play. It provides you with a cost-effective and full-fledged solution that helps the company stay competitive in this fast running digital world.

A good web development company works dedicatedly with emerging startups and provide them with the best outsourcing software development solutions to make their business a successful one.

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