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Why You Should Hire an Agency to do Content and Social Media Marketing


Today, most businesses realize the vitality of social media marketing and content marketing. But, many of them are still unaware of the wonders it can do.

So, if you fall under the same radar, then you are not alone.

It hardly costs you anything to present yourself on the social media. But, it is of no use if you just waste your time without employing proper strategies.

And, here come the social media marketing and/or content marketing agencies.


But, how can they help?

And, why they should be able meet your requirements?

All these we answer in this article to simplify your decision. Take a look.

 1) Comes with Rich Experience

Well… creating an account on social media is easy, but building a presence is not.

You can ask your friends to connect to you to get a couple of Likes or Followers on your social channels.

But, that is not going to hike your business figures. That may get you started, but it is not an effective way for long-term sustainability and growth.

After all, how many friends have you got? And, are they your target audience? Can you limit your business to just 100-200 people?

So, you need someone who can guide you right from getting started.

A social media agency can help you here. They have a rich set of experience with advanced knowledge under their belt.

For example, you might learn how to do Facebook advertising by reading some online blogs.

But, do you know you can target audience better by using Facebook custom audience feature? And, what kind of Facebook messages can get your page most likes?

Being present on social media may get you queries from existing and potential customers. And, a couple of them could be customer complaints as well.

You may think that you can answer them on your own. While, yes, you can but a single casual reply to a complaint can damage your business.

Add the bad word of mouth on top of that.

You know it takes years to build a business and minutes to shut it down. So, can you afford such casualties?

But, a social media agency knows how to respond to such queries.

Also, an experienced social media agency can help you with many tips and strategies. This will ensure you would not have to go for the trial and error phase.

Knowing things does not help, until you know how to use this knowledge to your benefit.

That is where content marketing or social media marketing agencies can be of great help.

2) Saves Time

You can set up your profile on several social networks. But, do you have time for activities like curation, posting, and replying to queries?

Let us say, you populated the social media channels by posting content from other sources that you find interesting. But, how can you ensure those are actually interesting?

You may not have various content sources the way social media agencies have.

And, you need to dedicate time to gain knowledge about the content sources. But, can you afford to spend time on such mundane tasks?

A social media agency can help you here as well.


It can save you a lot of time that you could use in enhancing your business.

So, while you focus on growing your business, your social media agency focuses on your brand image through social media. Thus, parallel growth processes happen.

This way you can increase your growth with the same amount of time and investment involved.

3) Access to Necessary Tools 

How can you find potential leads on Twitter?

You might find it by following your target audience and skimming through tweets. But, what if you have a larger set of audience?

Especially if you are targeting a wide range of consumers. Do you think that job would be that easy?

But, a social media agency can do it quickly using the social media monitoring tool.

In fact, they use various tools to get the right leads.

With the help of tools, the agency can understand what your target audience is talking about.

Once you catch the pulse of target users, it is easy to convert those leads into prospects.

All this gets done within a couple of minutes using the tools. A good social media agency will know when to use which tool.

Also, do you know you can drive traffic to your website by sharing  content?

Well… a tool called can help drive traffic to your page.

Tools such as BuzzSumo can help you find the current trending of the type of content your readers want.

But, you may not know about such tools until you stay on top of every happening in the social media industry.

And this is where an agency becomes the savior.

4) Cost Effectiveness

Yes, giving a considerable amount to a marketing agency might seem like a burning a hole in the pocket.

But, wait a minute.

Have you calculated the expenses for employing an in-house marketing resource?


Allow us to do that for you. Let us start with the recruitment.

To reach a well-deserving employee, you would need to advertise. You will pay the local newspapers. And, the recruitment agency would take around 20 percent of your employee’s first salary.

And, if you managed to skip this expenditure by using job portals, his or her salary will be the biggest expenditure. Correct?

Wait. What about income tax, national insurance or any other taxes that might be applicable in your state?

Further, you need to provide your employees with the employers’ liability insurance.

This might cost somewhere between 5 -10 million pounds. And, if you fail to do this, you might even get to enjoy a penalty of 2500 pounds a day.

Add to this the other stuff like sickness, maternity, and flexible working. Now, add training, infrastructure, and other related costs.

Do you still think in-house hiring is a better idea?

But, with agencies, you do not have to make such hefty investments.

You can sign up a fixed fee contract that could be payable monthly, quarterly, or yearly. And, the amount will always be less than the total expenditure made on your in-house resource.

Imagine what all you can do with the saved money!

5) Get to see from a Third Person’s Perspective

A third person perspective is necessary while evaluating strategies, content, and results. To widen the reach, it is important that you keep yourself in the shoes of your audiences.


A marketing group that resides outside the company provides healthy insights of the customer’s point of view. It is always good to have an extra pair of eyes. Isn’t it?

Traits to Look for While Choosing the Right Social Media Agency

1) Precious pitching

The ideas that your agency pitches are crucial for your business. So, ensure that the agency staff is innovative enough to offer viable ideas.

2) Customized solutions

Check if the agency is capable of offering customized solutions that cater to your needs.

3) Knowledge matters

The agency you choose must have enough knowledge, and that comes only with experience. Choose an experienced agency that can meet your requirements.

4) Goodwill

In any industry, having goodwill is important. Do investigate the about the agency’s past records and clients. This will ensure that the agency you are selecting has a good reputation in the industry.

5) Budget

You need to be cautious about how much you are paying the agency. You must cross-check the budget they have fixed.

Now that you know the reasons to choose a social media agency, go ahead and hire one!



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