Web development is constantly evolving, and without a robust website in 2023, you’re not only lagging behind your competitors in the UK but also missing out on a whole bunch of online sales you would be getting through digital channels.

Today, users have made their world of the web their current hanging spot! With more than 64.4%  of the world’s total population using the internet, businesses in the UK need to expand their reach, increase & sustain a loyal client base, and maximise ROI for growth.


To enable this, collaborating with a web development company in the UK has become imperative. But before you partner with any web development company, it’s essential to do your due diligence and choose from the top web development companies in the UK to turn your vision into reality.

Below we’ve compiled a list of top web development companies in the UK in 2023. All the ones we’ve picked can assist you with building perfect web development to enable you to drive more sales.

  • Classic Informatics

Are you looking for a top web development company in the UK? Then look no further than Classic Informatics. This team of web development enthusiasts will see that your web development includes designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining software precisely as you had conceptualised it in your mind. Backed by cognitive user behaviour, the team of world-class developers can build your product to captivate your audience’s attention.

Being born in 2002, the web development company has a sales team in London, UK, and the development centre is situated in India. Its development centre is located in India; it gives businesses a cost-effective approach to getting their product built at an affordable price. Also known for their on-time delivery, the dedicated and friendly team of web development experts at Classic Informatics gives you all the assurance you need to scale your business to infinity and beyond. Being one of the top web development agencies in the UK in 2023, the company serves businesses across all scales - from startups and SMEs to product companies and big enterprises.

Years Of Service: 20+

Headquarters: Gurugram, India

Expertise: Product Engineering, Digital Experience, Custom Web Development Solutions

Team Size: 250+

Average Rate: £17- £25 per hour


  • Hedgehog Lab

Established in 2007 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Hedgehog Lab is an ISO-certified global digital product consultancy that partners with premiere brands and enterprises. Having an experience of 15+ years, the company comprises a bunch of passionate minds who came together to transform visions into reality, delivering digital solutions to users. 

Due to its vibrant company culture, friendly and experienced developer team, and professional client relationships, Hedgehog Lab has become one of the top web development companies in the UK. By leveraging the power of technology, the company tends to deliver end-to-end solutions for businesses of all sizes. Hedgehog Lab believes in proactivity, high precision focus, and industry best practices across the globe to make each project a success.


Years Of Service: 15+

Headquarters: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Expertise: Web development, mobile development, custom software development

Team Size: 250+

Average Rate: £82.94 - £123.58 per hour


  • Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud is a leading custom software and web development company that follows fast, reliable, and technical debt-free processes to enable businesses in the UK to scale. Their technical abilities lie in web development, custom software development, AI, and web designing. 

With best-in-class Europe-based developers, the web development company in the UK holds 12+ years of experience across different industries, using top processes to deliver high-quality products. The experts at Imaginary Cloud take pride in partnering with their clients and take full ownership of their projects to help them with every step of development.

Using Agile methodologies, the top web development company brings software craftsmanship, quality, and consistency to the customer’s table, all in a relaxed state to guarantee ever-changing requirements.

Years Of Service: 12+

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Expertise: Web development, custom software development, AI, Web Design

Team Size: 250+

Average Rate: £41 - £82 per hour


  • One Beyond

One of the leading, multi-award-winning web development companies, One Beyond was founded in 1994. From designing and developing to delivering, the company provides high-tech web solutions for SMEs, Enterprise & Funded Startups.

With a team of brilliant minds, they share fascinating success stories. From award-winning technical solutions to end-to-end digital transformation, their expertise exceeds sectors and services worldwide. The agency has headquarters in Farnborough, Hampshire, and engineering centres of excellence in London, Manchester, Madrid, Bucharest, Budapest, and Szeged. 

Apart from web development, One Beyond has created intelligent, cost-effective, intuitive software applications, desktop applications and mobile apps. Moreover, they are committed to upskilling their tech specialist by encouraging active participation in numerous industry events and conferences.

Years Of Service: 20+

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Expertise: Web development, Bespoke Software Development, Mobile Application

Team Size: 1000+

Average Rate: £41 - £82 per hour


  • Hiyield

Headquartered in Cornwall, UK, Hiyield is an award-winning digital product studio in London and Cornwall with clients across the UK. The experts at Hiyield have expertise in crafting digital experiences on the web, software, AI, and designing. In just 4+, they have helped businesses of all sizes to invest in the right software for the right reasons. 

With its core team of developers and designers specialising in a variety of programming languages, frameworks, integrations, apps, and more, the top web development company follows modern trends, practices, and tech stacks. 

The team at Hiyield works closely with all the clients and build long-term relationships, providing them with web development services that reduce costs and improve business and IT performance. 

Years Of Service: 4+

Headquarters: Cornwall, United Kingdom

Expertise: Web development, Bespoke Software Development, AI, Web Designing

Team Size: 50+

Average Rate: £82.94 - £123.58 per hour


  • Studio 24

Studio 24 is one of the top web development companies in the UK. Despite their achievements, the company collaborates with its customers to offer competitive pricing, thus branding itself as an attractive option for those who want WordPress, CMS, web development, Laravel, and Symfony services.

Apart from delivering cutting-edge web and mobile solutions, the company in Cambridge also enables drive efficiency, growth, and productivity for enterprises, small businesses, and startups. The keen technology experts love to craft beautiful, human-centered websites and develop clever web apps with open-source technology.

With more than 20+ years of experience, they are empowered to create innovative, flexible, and cost-effective web solutions that meet client requirements across multiple business verticals and domains.

Years Of Service: 20+

Headquarters: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Expertise: Web development, Web Designing

Team Size: 50+

Average Rate: £82.94 - £123.58 per hour


  • Rouge Media 

Founded in 2003, Rouge Media is one of the top web development companies that specialise in creating clever, connected, effective websites and web applications. Apart from having the know-how and the experts needed to create a stunning website, they deliver websites, brands, and other marketing materials that enable customers to become the organisations they strive to be.

Be it web development, web designing, or branding, they left no stone unturned to deliver excellence in the solution delivered to the clients. Their portfolio comprises various web solutions around different verticals, with unique functionalities and a rich user experience.

Years Of Service: 20+

Headquarters: Reading United Kingdom

Expertise: Web development, Web Designing, Branding

Team Size: 50+

Average Rate: £41 - £82 per hour


  • Webpop Design 

Webpop Design is the one-stop web solution for all your web development needs. Creative minds build websites for businesses in various sectors, and they specialise in website designing for entrepreneurs, startups, and established brands.

Webpop Design works with clients to strategize and find the best web solutions specific to their business requirements. With 14+ years of experience, the top web development company has helped over 300+ businesses globally. 

Even with a small team of IT experts from a wide range of fields and backgrounds, the company is geared up and ready to serve customers globally and provides cost-effective IT solutions of various kinds. The company not only does web development, and web designing, but is also well versed in UI/UX solutions.

Years Of Service: 14+

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Expertise: Web development, Web Designing, UX/UI

Team Size: 10+

Average Rate: £82.94 - £123.58 per hour


  • Thoughtbot

Thoughtbot has garnered excellent reviews on platforms such as Clutch and GoodFirms and has a presence in the global web development sphere. Whether you need a web development or mobile application solution, the company has your back.

The team at thoughtbot specialises in web development and mobile application development, and they also help you with UX/UI solutions. With more than 19+ years of experience, the top web development company in the UK enables clients to build products from scratch or maintain the existing product.

With a team of 250+ dedicated experts, the company develops scalable web and mobile applications to build a culture that encourages the free flow of influence shaping the customer journey & their outcomes.

Years Of Service: 19+

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Expertise: Web development, Web Designing, UX/UI

Team Size: 250+

Average Rate:  £124 -  £165 per hour


  • CubeZoo

Based in London, UK, CubeZoo is a Mobile App and Web Development agency established in 2011. Fast forward two years to 2013, the company embarked on its first big ‘tech’ project to become a premium brand and software development agency.

Whether you’re a startup, an organisation, a small business, or a vast enterprise, the web development company works with businesses and helps build their tech ideas around human needs. Their flexible and fast-moving solutions enable their clients to continue improving their businesses.

CubeZoo builds app and website solutions and improves company operations by refining existing systems or developing new ones. With a team of 50+ members, the company has worked with local and global organisations to gain its reputation for positively impacting the businesses of its customers.

Years Of Service: 11+

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Expertise: Web development, Web Designing, UX/UI

Team Size: 50+

Average Rate:  £20 -  £40 per hour


Final Thoughts

There are numerous web development companies in the UK, and developing a robust web application is your ticket to the virtual traffic world. Customers today are using search engines to search for companies like yours, and a web development company near you can benefit your business. At the same time, you stay focused on your core business objectives.

The above list will help you choose the right web development company in 2023 that suits your specific needs. All these web development companies have earned good ratings on review sites and data-driven platforms to help you make smarter decisions.

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