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A Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing for Enterprises


Digital marketing is already making the buzz these days. The reason behind is the proven results.

No doubt, enterprises are reaching the pinnacle of success after employing the right set of digital marketing strategies. Special stress on strategies (just in case you overlooked!).

Just having an enterprise page on Facebook, a profile on LinkedIn and twitter doesn’t work.


You should have a strategy. You need to allocate resources for each digital channel (email marketing, SEO, SMM, PPC, content marketing and the likes) you want to invest into and look upon to get results.

Randomly posting and updating once or twice in a month will surely not help, and this is the reason that you are not getting enough returns via enterprise digital marketing.

Sounds true?

Now let’s have a look at some of the mind blowing statistics.

  • As many as 50% of the companies are making use of enterprise digital marketing, but sadly, don’t have any plan or strategy to execute that!
  • As many as 83% of the consumers were found reporting that they were not happy with the experience of social media marketing that brands cater.

And guess what, you can simply win the race by staying ahead in competition – making the most out of social media marketing – leveraging the best out of social media channels – strategizing and planning the digital marketing campaigns to provide a better experience to your customers and more!

But Why Having A Digital Marketing Strategy Is As Important As Having Digital Marketing Itself?

  • To have a proper direction

If you are one of those companies which is not yet making use of a proper digital marketing strategy – do you clearly have your goals defined?


What you want to achieve?

Are you going to focus more on gaining new customers or engaging the existing ones?

A proper strategy is thus necessary to provide clarity on the goals without which it is more likely that you won’t achieve them.

  • Be agile enough to stay ahead

Look at various online brands – Dell, Google, Amazon, eBay – they all are dynamic – have wonderful digital marketing strategies – have their own voice digitally and thus manage to stay ahead. Where do you lie?

Clearly, without a proper strategy, you cannot achieve anything – let it be digital marketing.

Now that you are convinced of having a proper strategy for your business, let’s see how to do it?

Ways to Have a Productive Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Are you personal enough?

Personalisation is a major factor that attracts customers – and this is what the global corporations focus on!

As many as 37 percent of the enterprises consider personalisation as one of their top priorities.

But how do you get more personal with customers?

This is fairly simple!

You can make use of automated tools – like adding the first name to an email that you send to your customer. Or wishing your customer the happy birthday.

Won’t you like such gestures?

  • Are you using the technology the right way?

If you study the digital marketing strategies of global enterprises, it is easy to conclude that they employ technologies in order to manage social media, content, data and audiences well.

Making use of cloud marketing solutions or software that aim to improve customer satisfaction could be a good idea.

Your chosen marketing technology should be fully integrated with your existing system – and should be secure and scalable with perfect customer services.

  • Choose the digital marketing channels wisely

You can choose to have paid media or owned media accounts.

Paid media includes sponsored posts and articles. While owned media helps an organization to manage the customer experience.

This occupies 31 percent of the expenditure and includes having websites, email lists, databases, apps and other stuff.

Why Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Alright, so all set to employ a digital marketing strategy?

Go ahead!


So what medium are you going to start with?

Amid email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing – which one do you choose?


Allow us to help you and provide you with enough reasons why social media marketing should be in your list!

  • 46% of the web users will look upon social media before they purchase anything.
  • 37% of the twitter users will surely make a purchase from the brand that they follow.
  • And yes, the biggest of all – more than 72% of the users active on internet are also active on social media.

This thus concludes that social media marketing for enterprises is the way to go!

Of course, you simply won’t like to ignore a platform that already has so many active users.

But then again, just social media marketing for enterprises won’t work without any strategy.

And how will it?

As already discussed, you need to employ a proper strategy to make the things work out for you.

Proper strategy involves everything – the correct timings of the post, the engaging content generation, the study of the collected stats and data, the paid ads – everything!

How to Play Your Cards Well With Right Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing strategy is a summary of all the stuff that you intend to do – the current status of our social media accounts and where you want to see them in next six months and the tools you would be making use to reach those goals.

Keep your social media strategy to the point, achievable and realistic.

Let’s see how to do that.

  • Are you clear with your business goals?

Every single strategy you employ caters to the success of your goal.

You can’t just blindly move ahead without knowing your goals. Further, without proper goals you won’t have any way to gauge your success levels.


Your goals could vary depending on your plans, but there are a few goals that all companies should have in their strategy – increasing awareness of your brand, reducing costs, retaining customers and so on.

  • Did you set marketing objectives?

You need to see your way through to the end.

Set yourself objectives of marketing that you’ll accomplish, in order to stay successful. Goals are nothing without a proper objective.

Let’s say, one of your goals was to generate leads. So how many leads you expect to generate to call it a success? Make sure that your objectives are time bound, realistic and achievable.

  • Who are your targeted audiences?

There are a lot of people on social media who would not serve the purpose of making your business a success.

Hence, be very prudent when it comes to identifying the customers who will be useful to you.

You should have sufficient info about age, occupation, interests, demography, interest, habits about your customers.

  • Are you close enough to your competitors?

Just working on your business would not be completely fruitful.

You need to know of your rival businesses as well, so that you make new strategies to outrun them in the race.

How many posts are they doing per day? Are they running any contests? And so on.

  • What all channels and tactics are going to cater to?

You can create profiles in all social media networks and keep posting stuff. But, that is no way going to help you.


Research on which channel is best for your business and work specifically on it, with tactics that assure success.

  • Is the content engaging enough?

The content you choose to put up in the social media plays an imperative role as well.

Be selective and cautious about content you put up as that will have an impact on your customers.

Users won’t bother to give 2 seconds to the boring content, and soon it will be lost in the news feed. Definitely not what you want!

  • How much do you have in your pocket?

Make budget plans that will fit your business investments. Of course, if your monthly budget is of $100 and you are planning to achieve the targets of $500, you are sure to create a mess.

You could choose to do all of this on your own or choose to do better by selecting a social media marketing agency to do it.


By hiring an agency, you not only save a lot of time which you can utilize for other things that would improvise the quality of the business you are promoting.

But, choosing a marketing agency also guarantees you of the tools and technologies, data and stats, strategies and plans that they will be using to ensure that you reach the top.

This definitely is difficult to achieve otherwise.

So, when do you plan to include digital initiatives in your marketing strategy or are you doing it already? Do you have any questions or points to add here? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!


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